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Pokemon Go game is the latest trend, and people are going crazy about it. The game requires players to set off to capture the numerous Pokemon characters. The fascinating thing is that you can find Pokemons through the camera phone. If you are curious about this game that is overwhelming the game world, keep reading and be interested in escaping from the fascinating world of Pokemon Go.

Capture Pokemon Characters

handPokemon Go is a real-time adventure sport where you can go out on the streets and other regions to learn Pokemon. Since you use the apps or real-time tracking, your phone’s crucial camera is used to reveal the Pokemon. For example, in the kitchen, in the garden, and even in these other real places. Besides, three footprints indicate that it is further away from you, while one imprint means that it is behind you.

Compete With Other Players

One of the best things about this game is that you will find many Pokemon around you. So you have the chance to encourage a friend or even a stranger to find their Pokémon without losing the opportunity to win. It means that there are no Pokemon-related fights in the game, and, on the whole, it brings people closer than creating any competition.

outdoorFind Pokestops

Pokestops act as lucky charms delegated by the coaches. They receive the loot from places like Pokemon, Pokeball, battle-hardened Pokemon medicine, and many other such things. You have to hit the concentric circles that spin and watch the center’s process to keep your loot.

Create Custom Character

These are some of Pokemon’s fascinating and important details and procedures that you cannot afford to lose. Now that you know the game, it’s time to get an idea of the game and see Pokemon wandering around. Players open a game account and create a custom avatar with styles and clothes, hair, eyes, and skin color. Players need to find the perfect place at the right time with the ideal ball to capture Pokemons along with the different characters that can be found anywhere, and aquatic Pokémon will most likely be found near water, for example.

screenThey also enter their location, which shows a map of the player’s surroundings. The game consists of gyms and many poker stops, which provide players with items to equip their Pokémon skills. These regions can be seen from the player’s city, especially in the areas of interest, and once the Pokémon is found, players can throw Stick Balls out of the Pokémon. Still, in this game, the task is not to fight, but to capture them, as long as they own their character.