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Singapore offers scenery to behold for tourists. However, if you plan on staying there for a long time, you will need to make a Singapore permanent resident application. On the other hand, if you are planning on a short visit, here are some things you should know about Singapore to help plan for your trip adequately.singapore

The Climate Is Warm and Humid.

Singapore is hot throughout the year. Many people don’t realize it isn’t the temperature alone. The humidity levels are also very high. Some say it is comparable to entering a sauna. For individuals coming to Singapore, this implies several things. You’re likely to become sweaty, which means you should hydrate. It would be best if you took a towel or something similar to clean up each hour. A change of clothes is not a bad idea. Additionally, if you are new to tropical weather, then please take things gradually.

Type of Clothes to Pack

Even when you’re accustomed to tropical weather, then it is ideal you wear light and comfy clothing. The likes of t-shirts, flip-flops, are all great options. Shorts are good too. When you are heading into an institution with an official dressing code, look at adding some time inside your program for a change of clothes. The transport system makes this simple to do.

Strict Duty-Free Rules

singapore viewsWhat is particularly important to understand is that there’s not any concession of bringing in tobacco. If you have obtained a pack throughout your trip, be ready to be taxed. The rules are less rigorous for alcohol. Travelers are allowed to bring at various combinations up to 3 liters of alcohol. Narcotics of any kind are prohibited, such as soft marijuana and drugs. Do not even consider doing it.

You need to instantly walk off if a cab driver tries to negotiate a package price with you. Fares for almost any ride may pile up considerably, thanks to a myriad of potential surcharges. These vary from highway tolls to hour prices, to airport fees, to the 12 am to 6 am 50% midnight surcharge. In summary, if you’re going to Singapore on a budget, then you should stick with the metro and buses. Be aware that automobile services such as Grab happen to be charging exorbitantly in recent times.