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Our environment is wholly contaminated, and we consume contaminated water, breathe dusty air, and eat food with traces of pesticides and other toxic compounds. As a result, we suffer from diseases. Hence, you can read more on environment article to know how to save planet earth.

The Importance of Forest

Save earth The maturation of individuals and animals was only possible through plants. Plants are the base of the food chain and energy source to sustain almost all life on earth. Plants are historic and ancient communities of living things and plants, with homes and territories for tens of thousands of species. Forests provide us with oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, gas, and furniture. But what exactly are we doing? We are destroying the forests. That is, we are wasting our life and our possibilities. If we think about beings, then we need to preserve plants and forests because they maintain. We cannot say that the earth belongs to individuals; living beings used it for decades before our species appeared, only about five million decades ago.

Go Green Today, thousands of species have gone extinct because their habitats have disappeared. These animals, birds, and insects created a much better environment for us and provided us with these things: they are not just creatures, but the real creators of personalities. When they are gone, so are we. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by civilization are warming the atmosphere at a rate not seen in centuries. Human disturbance has attracted the character of near devastation. Most of us must unite to stop the pollution and save the environment and humanity.

The Global Destruction

white rhinoThese technological changes are a warning of the devastation of the world. Most of us need to be aware of these effects. The evidence is disturbing: we are destroying our earth and our environment. Let’s do all we can to protect ourselves from it. Use our bicycles as much as possible. Don’t use precious water and electricity. Don’t use plastic as soon as you can avoid it. Don’t let anyone cut down trees. Speak out and write against outsourcing companies. Ask the police to use unconventional energy resources (electricity, water, sunlight, and biomass). Make students and citizens aware of the importance of preserving the environment and what we can do to protect the environment, forests, and wildlife.

We built cities and pushed animals out of their homes. Then we leave our cities full of garbage, overcrowded and dirty. Cities have become oceans that are warming and have changed weather patterns. These changes have disturbed the physiological and mental balance of people living in cities. If we don’t change this, no individual will continue living in cities, much less other living things. The disruption of ocean currents due to climate change will likely bring a cold climate to Europe. Indeed, the greenhouse effect will probably change climate patterns for which we are not prepared.