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hiring a criminal lawyer

It’s often wise to consult a criminal lawyer immediately after you get arrested. Since there are many criminal defense attorneys to choose from, the process of choosing one can be overwhelming. Therefore you need to show up at your consultation well prepared with all your case related documents and a list of the questions you intend to ask. Here are a few key questions you should ask to help you make an informed decision.

Practice areas

Ask of how much of the attorney’s practice is focuses on criminal defense. Some attorneys rarelyhiring a criminal lawyer go for a criminal case, but you certainly won’t miss one who does. Finding a legal representative that  specializes in criminal defense is a good move, he or she is likely to be more updated on criminal law and acquainted with how cases are handled in criminal courts.

Criminal law

There is a distinction between state and federal cases. The two court systems follow different laws and procedures. It’s a good idea to ask whether the attorney you’re thinking of hiring has experience in the court system where you’ve been charged.


The length of time an attorney has practiced criminal defense is a necessary consideration. However be aware that, a lot of knowledge doesn’t usually equate to excellent representation. You ought to ask for the level of experience the attorney has in defending on the type of offense you’re facing. Criminal defense attorneys usually have specific cases they focus on. For instance, some criminal lawyers work on DUI cases mostly. While there are those attorneys, who focus on felony charges, such as homicide. It’s important you ask if your attorney is experienced with the type of case you are charged with.

Court knowledge

hiring a criminal lawyerEqually, ask if the attorney is accustomed to the court you’ll be judged in. An attorney who frequently practices in a particular area is likely to know the prosecutors as well as judges and their inclinations. For instance, an attorney may well understand if a particular judge is tough on DUI offenders and thus refrain from that judge’s courtroom whenever defending against drunk-driving charges.


To avoid arguments, later on, it’s imperative that you ask in advance on how much you’ll be charged for your case. Normally, attorneys charge hourly or flat rate fee. However, you have to always ask precisely what the flat fee will cover. Occasionally attorneys carry out a flat pretrial fee then there’s some extra fee if the case goes to trial. It’s further effective to inquire if the attorney anticipates other expenses on witnesses or investigations.